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PC: PCHS: The Newsletter

  Hi Fellas!!
  As you may have seen the framework for the PCHS is under way.  Jim Hebner
is creating a draft for our By-laws and Constitution.  Many thanks to Jim
for undertaking this part of our endeavor.
  One of the things that we will need upon formation of the PCHS is some
type of Newsletter/Publication.  I would like to hear back on what the group
would like to see.  Some things to keep in mind is that the more eloborate
we make this thing the more it will cost.  For Instance Full color is more
expensive than B&W.  Glossy paper vs. non glossy,  the bond(thickness) of
the paper and of course the frequency of publication all factor into $$$$.
  I belong to the PRRT&HS nad they produce the "Keystone" which has some
color and is on glossy paper.  It is very attractive in my opinion but it is
also expensive.  I am member number 4000 and something so obviously the cost
of this production is spread out over a far greater number of memberships
than we would have to work with.
  Anyway, what do you guys think we should have?  Please respond personally
to me so we do not overload Jerry's server with this sort od stuff.
                                   Many thanks
eprice -AT- skantech.net

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