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Re: PC: Color of road vehicles

In a message dated 10/10/98 0:01:32 AM EST, NES3524 -AT- aol.com writes:

<< Hey gang, anyone know whether most PC road vehicles (e.g., MOW trucks) were
 painted green, or yellow, or...?  I believe they generally had the worms logo
 in green on a white, square-ish decal, on the doors, right?
 Ned S. >>

I have a picture of a PC Chevy Step side PU ( rigged out with welding
stuff) that was green with the decal you describe that I took in Mesina
(sic) NY in 1976. BTW I have a friend who has a late 60's early 70's
Dodge PU that still has it's original paint and it's a tossup whether it's
NYC Jade or PC green. Depen ds on my mood I guess.


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