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Something to keep in mind before even starting is to decide what to do
with material assets that will undoubtedly begin to flow in as a result
of the formation of the society.  I'm referring to the collections of
paperwork and the like.  Where is it to be stored and made available as
a resource?  I recently have been working on the formation of the DT&I
HS and it has turned into a task of mammoth proportions, so be ready for

the work ahead.  Be certain to register your tax exempt status so folks
may make donations tax deductible.  Also, I recommend following the L&N
HS lead and establishing the collection at a University.  That ensures
the collection will be entrusted to an institution of some permanence,
rather than collecting dust in the Toonerville Choo-Choo Station where
the only guy who has a key is in ICU at a hospital 500 miles away.
Learn from what happened to the C&O HS recently and try to create
safeguards from that happening with PC.  Tom Dixon has shown true grit
in trying bring that group over seemingly insurmountable obstacles.
Good luck.

J. Erik Landrum, K8DTI (formerly KB8VRZ)
DT&I Historical Page http://w3.one.net/~kb8vrz/dti.html
The barnacle-encrusted bilge pump of your sunken dreams.....

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