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PC: Re: PC 1100s UPDATE

Greetings to all,

First of all, I'd like to thank Rob Carlo for writing to the National New York
Central Railroad Museum about the former NYC 4600 and 4700 series MU's which
became PC's 1100 series.

I've just heard from a railfan who gets a lot of Metro-North railraod info,
that the 1100s may have only 6 more months left in regular service; and from
then on they will NEVER AGAIN,  run in regular passenger servce except for
when there are problems with the new cars.

This is not an easy time for us NYC/PC MU fans (however many of us are out
there) that are on this list.  The only MU cars worthy of photos begin removed
from service forever, and possibly all scrapped, is not an easy thing to just
say to, "Oh, I better get the photos of them while I can", and then once
they're gone, that's all there is, are photos.   IT IS TIME A STOP IS PUT TO

The MTA Metro-North Railroad did not buy these cars with the money they got
from the tax payers, they INHERITED these cars from Conrail, who INHERITED
them from Penn Central, who INHERITED them from the New York Central System.
The NYC, there's where it all starts.  That railroad went off and scrapped all
the old 4-6-4 Hudson's, and all their old 4-6-2 Pacific's, and the 4-6-0 Ten-
wheelers.  BUT THE PRR DIDN'T.  Now look, years later, PRR fans have the RR
Museum of PA, which is more like the PRR Museum in my opinion.  At the same
time NYC fans sit back and spend $40 and $50 dollars on books looking at black
and white photos of old NYC equipment.  An ancient NYC T-Motor electric
locomotive is on a siding near the Niagra-Mohawk Power Company plant in
Upstate NY, in its full lightning stripes, on a siding, abandoned.  IMAGINE

On a siding north of Croton-on-Hudson, NY THE LAST former NYC 4500 series MU
rots away, vandalized.  Imagine this, the last car of a once 100 car fleet, is
rotting away.  The New York Central scrapped all the old deck roof 1906-1910
MU cars, as well as the post WWI and 1920s deck roof MU's.  Now these cars are
only memories.

Yet, I must say that it is somewhat understandable that these cars are only
memories.  They were owned by a private railroad, a railroad that used their
own money to buy new equipment, and not a railroad that if they need money,
they simply have the state raise the taxes.  These cars had been purchased by
a the same railroad that scrapped them, and at that time, there were no
preservation societies or museums to preserve them, nor any that the NYC could
donate them to even if they wanted.  So it is rather understandable that those
rattan seated, deck roofed MU's, were all scrapped when retired 30+ years ago.

But now, it's years later.  THINGS ARE DIFFERENT!!!!!!  The same railroad that
now owns the 1100s DID NOT purchase them originally - they inherited them.
Additionally, they can afford to donate two of them to a Museum like the
National NYC Museum.  Even further, there ARE Museum's and societies and
organizations out there, particularly one who's name implies that it preserves
equipment from the same railroad that simply scrapped the equipment they
retired themselves - the New York Central.

Here's the address to an early PC photo of 1100s for those of you out there
who arent familier with these cars.  It's at the New York City Subway
Resources "Commuter Trains" section of their web site:


The paint scheme on the lead car was the paint scheme the NYC got these cars
in when they were built in 1962 and 1965.  The third car from the lead one,
the one behind the 1100 with PC worms, is a former NYC 4500 series MU, which
was a PC 1000 series MU when this photo was taken.

Thanks to all out there who plan to, or have written to the National New York
Central Railroad Museum about the 1100s.    If you write to them about
preserving one or two of these cars, and if none are preserved (which would be
devastating), at least you can say to future gernerations, that you made an
effort yourself - even if it was only a letter - to save a few of these cars
that are the last of their kind.

I'll continue to update everyone on the 1100s as soon as I find out anything

John W.

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