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I would be interested in being active in the PCHS when it gets rolling.  Is
there any body in Eastern MA or Southern NH involved at this point.

Jim_Fellows -AT- prenhall.com

Subject: PC: PCHS
From:    owner-penn-central -AT- prozac.EEAP.CWRU.Edu at INTERNET-PUB
Date:    10/9/98  8:52 AM

For some time now I have been researching other RR Historical Societies. After
a buzy summer, it is time, as Ed Price put it once, to kick this pig. ( We can
all thank Ed for keeping after me )

I will post Monday a proposed beginning of By-laws for a society.

We can kick them around, and refine them. Hopefully at some point this fall
some of us will meet, do the final revision, select/elect officers, sign the
papers and become a non-profit organization.

Jim Hebner

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