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Re: PC: PCHS -- Listmaster comments

For those of you fairly new to the list, the idea of a historical
society was tossed around on this list for a couple of weeks back
in the spring. At the time, there was plenty of interest amongst
the list members, so I don't think a survey on the list is really
needed, because a) we're all PC fans here, so I'm sure everyone here
would have at least some interest (whether or not interested in
joining, I dunno), and b) I want to cut off the flood of "me too"
posts clogging things up before it starts.

If I remember right, Lister Jim Hebner was looking into details of
how to go about the incorporation of a society, but I haven't heard
anything definite from him yet. Jim, do you have anything for us?

So I don't think at this point we're looking at "if", but more like
"when" a PCHS will be formed. What we need now are the bodies to step
forward to volunteer with the task of getting the PCHS off the ground.
This will probably take a lot of work. Unfortunately, in most societies
such as the one proposed, the end result is that 90% of the work is done
by 10% of the people. But without those 10% who do all the work,
nothing will get done.

As I have said in the past, all of the computing resources that I have
(web server, mailing list server, etc.) are available for whatever need
the society may have, and I will assist the effort in any way I
possibly can. But I myself can't in good conscience volunteer to take
on a lead role in this effort based on the obligations I currently have.

Another thing to consider is selling this idea to the masses. This
mailing consists of roughly 150 people with some interest in the Penn
Central. Obviously there will be some support for this idea within our
forum (if there isn't, then it's obviously going nowhere). But are there
enough interested people out there across the continent to make this
thing fly? That's something that will have to be determined.

I know most of this post is a summary of what was said for several
weeks back in the spring, but I wanted to toss this out for the newer
listers to see, so we don't go reinventing the wheel all over again.

PC Listmaster

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