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PC: Modeling PC(former PRR) GP-30s

>The reason for this question is that I model local freight trains 
>based at Morrisville from March to August of 1976.  When I am on the 

>Northeast Corridor, does my former Pennsylvania Railroad GP-30, if 
its                                  >on the point of a train, have 
to run front end forward?  Thank you.

>                                    Sincerely,
>                                           James Koo

Ordinarily, a GP30 on the PRR would run short hood forward. However, 
depending on where the crew had to drop off cars, they might have 
occasion to run long hood forward for a while. So, while it wouldn't 
be the normal way of doing it, it wouldn't be wrong either. If that's 
the way you like to see it run, go ahead!

Peter King in NY 



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