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Re: PC: PC(former PRR) GP-30s


somewhere in my NYC video collection I have an interview with a former NYC
engineer on the steamers.....   He said something like this " yeah we used
to rip right along at 100-105 mph.... but the brass squawked so we cut er
back to 95!"


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From: Bill K. <pontiac -AT- dreamscape.com>

>ATC is the NYC automatic train stop system that allowed trains to reach
>speeds of I believe as much as 100 in passenger service - sort of an
>alternate to cab signals if you will.  NYC or PC removed the system from
>the Chicago Line of today between Albany and Buffalo (anyhow) when it was
>deemed to expensive to maintain - in the '60's some point before Amtrak.
>Perhaps someone can fill in details on this one?
>Bill K.

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