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Re: PC: Spotting predecessors

In a message dated 10/7/98 3:56:09 PM EST, chaslett -AT- cse.l-3com.com writes:

<< John, 
 I had the opportunity to railfan the CR mainline for 3 days this past 
 Railfest weekend, and also have seen many coal hoppers on their way to 
 power plants near the Jersey shore.  There have been no PRR letterings 
 among the most recently-branded rolling stock (cars that are not being 
 repainted), just the NYC lettering on a black square decal (looks like 
 a reflective bumber sticker!) that is placed over the CR part of the 
 reporting number.  And a smaller decal is also used over the CR on the 
 end reporting marks.  This implies that the NYC decals might be removed 
 in the future.  From the basic look of the finished product, I doubt this 
 decal will last as long as the paint on the original car body.  And, you 
 can tell the ones applied on Friday afternoons...They are crooked and 
 so poorly positioned that they only obscure half of the CR underneath.
 Carl Haslett >>

I have seen some coal hoppers that were complete re-paints with NYC
marks in the typical permanent fashion here in New England.


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