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Re: PC: Shirts and Site Update

Rob Carlo wrote:
>     On the shirt subject there is mention of PC shirts available By K&D
> Distributors on the PC Homepage.   Look under Library, misc..   Anybody
> know if they are still available?  They are described as 100% cotton golf
> shirts in gray with a red and green PC logo.   I intend to call and find
> out,  sounds like a nice "neutral" shirt catering to the red and green
> teams.

Here's my experience: I ordered a shirt from K&D about a year ago. I
saw them at the show at the Cuyahoga County fairgrounds in Berea, Ohio
(same town as the famous RR tower). The shirts are embroidered with the
PC emblem, and you can have your choice of all-white, red "P", or orange
"C" emblem. The shirt color can be any color that they offer (I got mine
in black). It took about 8 weeks to receive my shirt. Apparently K&D
contracts with someone to stitch the PC shirts, and the lady who does
the embroidery did a red "C" emblem the first time, which, while I'm
sure was well done, wasn't prototypical, so they had to redo it. (To
K&D's credit, when they saw it was wrong, they called me before they
shipped.) But it's a nice shirt, and cost me $25.00. You can try
contacting K&D for more info--I think they're still selling them.
They did mention that they have seen rising sales of PC apparel, so
I guess that's a good thing.....


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