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Re: PC: Spotting predecessors

A good place to look, surprisingly, is along abandoned branch lines.  Seems
PC and CR sold old or wrecked or maybe even forgotten boxcars to former
customers for storage use, when lines were pulled up.   In Syracuse there
is an untouched PC boxcar less than a mile from the big Carousel Mall, used
to be two but one was cut up a few years ago(? it's gone anyhow).   Trouble
is this one is on the grounds of a well-patrolled scrapyard - wether or not
you can even get permission to shoot it, I'm not sure.

Bill K.

> From: alcoman <alcoman -AT- net.bluemoon.net>
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> Cc: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: Re: PC: Spotting predecessors
> Date: Wednesday, October 07, 1998 1:15 PM
> In Buffalo NY right along the CR main between CP 437 and the West End of
> Frontier yard on the (timetable) north side of the main in an industry's
> storage yard is a PC boxcar in FULL colors.  I will have to get over
> and get some pics of it and get em scanned.  I don't know type, number
> but I will get this info soon and post that at least to the list.
> Long live the WORMS! 
> On Tue, 6 Oct 1998 DougTblood -AT- aol.com wrote:
> > In a message dated 10/6/98 12:45:13 PM EST, D.Semon -AT- cablelabs.com
> > 
> > << Now, my question.  Has anyone seen or heard of any rolling stock
that still
> >  has NYC logos intact?  I'm more interested in NYC than PC, but I
thought it
> >  would be an appropriate question.
> >  
> >  -doug- >>
> > 

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