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Re: PC: Spotting predecessors

NYC4600 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> Does anyone know if the freight cars from CR going to CSX, and the CR freight
> cars going to NS, will keep their respective NYC and PRR lettering once the
> split up of Conrail is complete, or is this just temporary for the split up?
> Secondly, are any CR locomotives going to CSX?  Does anyone know if any of the
> engines will be lettered New York Central and Pennsylvania next to the CSX and
> NS names for the spilt up or anything of this sort?
> Lastly, does anyone know of any of the MTA's electric MU M-1 or M-2 commuter
> cars ever got Penn Central logos or lettering?
> John W.
The M1 and M2 never got PC lettering  they had the M and the
region they operated on  the M2s  had M and a New Haven under it
and the M1s had M and Central

NS and CSX will eventually split up Conrail units
Henry Frick FtW Tx

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