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Re: PC: Spotting predecessors

NYC4600 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> Does anyone know if the freight cars from CR going to CSX, and the CR freight
> cars going to NS, will keep their respective NYC and PRR lettering once the
> split up of Conrail is complete, or is this just temporary for the split up?

They probably will keep the NYC and CR reporting marks for a while.
>From what I understand, the freight cars and locomotives will be
operated like a lease fleet. Conrail as we know it will still exist as
a company, jointly owned by NS and CSX. Besides operating the Shared
Assets Areas, Conrail is supposed to be leasing their locomotives and
cars back to its owners. I don't know what reporting marks the ex-CR
cars will wear long-term.
> Secondly, are any CR locomotives going to CSX?  Does anyone know if any of the
> engines will be lettered New York Central and Pennsylvania next to the CSX and
> NS names for the spilt up or anything of this sort?

Both CSX and NS will be using CR locomotives. They will get a percentage
of the fleet, based on the amount of CR that they own (NS=58%, CSX=42%).
I don't think anyone knows for sure what CR's power will look like
at first in terms of lettering or colors, but I'm guessing that we'll
be seeing blue power running around for a while.

Slightly off-topic: Rumor has it that Juniata shops is preparing to
repaint Conrail's executive E8's for NS and CSX. Reportedly, the 4020
(going to NS) will get maroon and gold colors. No word on how CSX want
4021 and 4022 painted.


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