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Re: PC: T Shirts - Never Mind

>Hello all,
>Why don't we make several T-Shirts so those of us who are still
>interested can make our own choice? I would buy 2 or 3 shirts,
>especially if this were a fund raiser for a society!
>   -Mike Pendergrass
>P.S. These ideas are all pretty good.

I also was thinking about something like that.  

Idea #1:  How about a rendition of 3 PC engines with the logo on each?  
Maybe use SD38 and GP38 styles with an E-unit between them?  Also, the 
engines don't have to be perfect, just caricatures...

Idea #2:  Black shirt with PC (red P) logo
Idea #3:  Black shirt with all-white PC logo

--Chris Osterhus
Central Penn Station

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