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Re: PC: Spotting predecessors

Doug Semon wrote:
> Now, my question.  Has anyone seen or heard of any rolling stock that still
> has NYC logos intact?  I'm more interested in NYC than PC, but I thought it
> would be an appropriate question.

I was in Erie, PA, back in (I think) June, and I had just finished a
telephoto shot of a Conrail westbound rounding the bend by Cascade
Street, and as I was winding my film, I saw what I believe to have
been a jade green Center-Flow covered hopper with PC lettering and
an NYC oval fading through. I can't remember all the details of it as
it flashed by so fast, but I was pretty ticked that I didn't get a
chance to shoot it. At least the westbound shot of the train came out
really nice.... :-)

I know of an NYC boxcar near the west end of the West Avenue yard on
Conrail's Chicago Line near Ashtabula, Ohio. It's behind an abandoned
reclaimation plant. It's visible from the road, but I didn't feel like
getting arrested or stepping on something going through the plant site
to get to it. Also, last I knew, the Ashtabula Carson & Jefferson
Railroad in Jefferson, OH, had a 40' NYC boxcar with green paint and
ovals. It was in pretty rough shape the last time I saw it several
years ago.


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