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Re: PC: Spotting predecessors

I saw some interesting equipment towards the eastern end of the old ex-New
York Central Utica, New York Yard in mid August.  With the Adirondack Scenic
Railroad's re-opening of passenger service on the former New York Central
Adirodack Division using ex-CP 1950s smoothsided equipement painted in NYC
colors, the train runs 51 miles from the Thendara, New York to Utica.  NYC
disoncotinued passenger service on this line in 1965, but now it's back, and
soon to be running all the 130+ miles to Lake Placid, NY.  However, for now
while they are doing track work into Utica Union Station, they let you off in
the eastern end of the old Utica Yard, and have shuttle bus service from there
over the Genessee Street bridge over the yard, to the large Union station that
once felt the presence of PC!

Anyway, the bus got back to the yard from Union station early, so at the time
the RR was still switching the locomotive, and doing brake tests, which meant
I had some "exploring" time before the train boarded.  I caught the Amtrak
P-32 powered "Empire State Express", heading west, and then on the south side
of the ex-NYC, ex-PC main, but also in the yard, I saw a two trains of coaches
can what appeared to be old MOW equipment laying in that section of the yard.
There was also an old CR/MNRR RDC.  Some of the cars looked like ex-NYC
coaches, and some others like ex-NH cars.  I think some were in PC colors.

Does anyone know about these cars, why they're there, and/or if any are ex-
NYC, or NH?  I still have to get that role of film developed that those photos
are on, so I'll let everyone know the details exact colors of the cars then.

John W.

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