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Re: PC: T Shirts - Never Mind

James Koo wrote:
>I may not have chosen the most "correct" words; the question is 
>if at all, do we draw the line between sensitivity and freedom of    

It's pretty simple. All are welcome to participate here, as long as 
you abide by the rules set down by the list owner. I don't have a 
copy of the rules at hand, but you received them when you subscribed. 
Undoubtedly, there is one that says something like, "Play nicely, 
don't fight." Although there is sometimes lively discussion here, I 
have yet to see it degenerate as many newsgroups have.

"Free speech" is not an issue. It's a common misconception that the 
US Constitution gives all of us the unlimited right of free speech. 
Not true. It prevents the GOVERNMENT from regulating speech, and no 
one else . Many, many groups can regulate your speech. Your employer 
and your ISP are two examples, under certain conditions. Since this 
list is privately run, the owner is free to ask you to maintain 
certain standards, and to censor you if you do not.       

But, don't take my word for it. Read it yourself.

Peter King in NY

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