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PC: T Shirts - Never Mind -Reply


I found your post on T Shirts to be different, interesting, and
potentially enlightening - that is why I responded right away.
The only things  I found more surprising than me being the only
one with a PC T Shirt was how fast list members can get off
topic, and how one person can sidetrack a good thread.  By the
way, James Koo, Conrail hasn't been spelled "ConRail" for 22 years.
Your opinions on what makes up a freight train never were in
date, and are way out of touch.  I've had enough of this T Shirt
thread too.  (Bad Pun Intended)


>>>  10/06/98 09:20am >>>
Please disregard my previous message on T Shirt suggestions. I know
someone that makes rail T Shirts, and I was going to point out that he
hasn't produced anything PC. I didn't know it was going to cause several
people to get their undies in a twist, so I'll just drop the project.
Please drop the thread.
Bryan Turner

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