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Re: PC: PC T Shirts? -Reply

At least they still existed on ConRail.

>From: Jejunabra -AT- aol.com
>Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 13:34:35 EDT
>To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com, Gene.Fusco@lsil.com
>Subject: Re: PC: PC T Shirts? -Reply
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>to an extent it was great that ConRail had a variety of locomotives 
when the
>railroad began operation on April 1, 1976. However, what was NOT so 
great was
>that many of these locomotives were in very, very poor condition, with 
some of
>them outright junkers, such as the Baldwins, older Alcos, and other 
>makes still on the roster at C-day,1976.
>James Mancuso

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