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Re: PC: Grand Central Terminal

I also remember someone saying that "those who don't learn from history, 
are destined to repeat it..."

Anyway, I think that the restoration of GCT is a good thing.  Just 
remember, they could have torn it down to build a parking lot, like the 
old B&O station in Pittsburgh! The PRR and P&LE stations on the other 
hand, have been restored to some of their former glory.

In the late 1970s, the P&LE station/shops complex near the South Side of 
Pittsburgh was remodeled into a shopping center, restaurants, and office 
suites in the old P&LE HQ.  On the ground floor of the old shops, they 
made some abandoned boxcars into coffee shops, and kept the place pretty 
much as it was, right down to the vent windows in the roof. The little 
yard, wasn't quite as lucky.

Right across the street is the P&LE's main building.  Some of the old 
steel-making machinery left has plaques describing it.  CSX and CR 
trains pass the station's platform every couple of hours.  Even some old 
passenger cars have been turned into antique stores (selling antique RR 

Well, that's enough of that.  I guess what I'm trying to say is, that 
I'd rather see someone re-use an old building than tear it down.  I can 
remember when the PRR and P&LE were rotting hulks, shorn of their former 
glory, and when they were rebuilt.

--Chris Osterhus
Central Penn Station

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