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Re: PC: PC T Shirts? -Reply

>>> <Gene.Fusco -AT- symbios.com> 10/05/98 10:44am >>>

>I think 1/2 of the SD40's were ex-PRR units.

Yes they were, but only about two years old.

>Just running from memory, I think these are all uniquely Penn Central
>locos. (New purchases by PC, never owned by PRR/NYC or NH)

>GP-38-2,U23B or SD38

Add the SW1500 and I think the U33C / U36C to that.  GP-38 also?

Actually, I mentioned the SD40 because I like them, they were very
powerful, and very sucessful. A small road switcher can make for
a nice shirt, but just doesn't project  power like a high
horsepower unit can.


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