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PC: Grand Central Terminal

Hello all,
   Looks like we have a new topic to debate with Grand Central.
I for one am very happy to see the terminal restored.     I've only seen TV
news reports, but it looks fantastic!
   Yes, it is not the terminal it once was, but most of railroading has had
to change to stay competitive and in Metro-North territory a lot of what
was once "grand" is now gone.   I have fond memories of this area and have
mourned many railroad landmarks destroyed for progress, but most commuters
just want to get to work on time and I believe Metro-North does a pretty
good job.   That is their reason for being.   I'd love to see PC still
running to GCT,  but face it, to the average passenger it was a dismal
experience with late trains, engine fires, and smoke in the terminal
routine.   My brother may soon be a commuter to GCT and as a non railfan,
I'm sure he'll appreciate arriving to a sparkling, living terminal versus
the drab place it had become.
    On the other hand, a restoration of this magnitude and a building with
all this history deserves some mention of it's historic past.    True, most
people have probably no knowledge of NYC or it's flagship 20th Century
Limited.   This railroad and this train more than any other (NH or PC) need
some kind of mention or exhibit within GCT to remind those who visit today
of what made the terminal great.
   We've all heard and used some form of the expression " what do you think
this is, Grand Central Station?".    ( no airport mention here!)   Future
generations need to know the significance.
Hopefully,  if not now there will be some future display of the terminal's
   Sadly, no red carpet rolls anymore for long distance passengers but I'll
argue that the condition today is a lot better than what first class
passengers of the 20th Century Ltd experienced in the 60's.
   Of course there are many opinions out there,  these are just a few of



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