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Re: PC: Buffalo Central Terminal

> Buffalo in 1900, the same Expo that saw the assasination of President
> William McKinley (Buffalo's other infamous claim to fame after all the
> jokes about our weather here).
With the demise of Buffalo's steel mills, and the lack of pollution that
went with them, what else do we have to joke about? The Bills?

> The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (city and neighborhood group
> coalition) currently owns the structure and they are being agressive in
> the fight to return the building to it's original glory.  I really hope
> they get this going!

FYI, there was a fellow who used to come into the hobby shop I hung out
at here that was building an O scale replica of the BCT. Apparently, he
grew up in the shadow of the marble monolith. Last I knew the project
was coming along pretty well. We had a picture of it in the shop, and it
was huge! 

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