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Re: PC: Buffalo Central Terminal

Bob and all: I am in complete agreement about Buffalo's Central Terminal,
having been a frequent user of the facility in itsfinal years as an Amtrak
station and Amtrak's departure was indeed part of the problem right from the
get go. How the Nation's Passenger Railroad could have been so thoughtless
about this makes my blood boil. Equally sad was that deadline of Amtrak E8 and
E9 diesels that sat on Track 14 ( not sure) for a while there. Amtrak should
have kept some of these as spare units and extra units for trains that ran to
larger than normal consists. The city of Buffalo was equally to blame in not
protesting Amtrak's departure from this station, which would have the
advantage of having the trains be able to stop without tying up the mainline
during the station dwell time needed to work the baggage, express, mail as
well as loading and unloading passengers. Amtrak had too much of throw it away
because it is old tendency which is why they are so short of equipment at
times. The E8s and E9s could have been fitted with turbocharged V16 -645
engines to beef up their power for far less than what the F40PH fleet did and
that, too is being thrown away thoughtlessly. As to what this has to do with
Central Terminal is this: It is getting old and it is time to discard it for
we have no further use for it. Terminals and stations in other cities got
rehabbed for further use a s intended, why not Buffalo's Central Terminal. Any
wonder why Amtrak is always so broke so much of the time, its the LETS THROW
IT AWAY mentalitiy of it all, which Central Terminal exemplifies.
James Mancuso
jejunabra -AT- AOL.com

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