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Re: PC: Buffalo Central Terminal

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Bob Rothrock wrote:

> At 09:29 AM 9/30/98 -0500, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:
> >I haven't seen it mentioned on the list before, so I thought I would submit
> >the URL for a site I found on Buffalo Central Terminal:
> >
> >   http://terminal.buffalonet.org/
> >
> >Does anyone know if this restoration effort is still progressing?
> >
> >JD
> >St. Louis
> >
> FYI:
>    A recent issue of the NYCSHS Headlight had a small article that indicated
> restoration efforts to date had consisted of effectively sealing off the
> structure against further deterioration due to weather and vandalism.
>    Efforts are under way to secure some of the original lighting fixtures
> that had been sold off by previous owners.

Sold off after they were RIPPED from the building, in the spring (May)
there was a large scale cleanup of the property with the outside being
cleaned up and they had about 5000 volunteers from the public and 
local business community there to do it.

They removed over 4000 tires from the grounds on that day alone.  They
also installed some security type lighting in the main parking lot and
planted some small trees.  I am not sure if they did any interior cleanup
at that time but I know from being in there last fall (with permission)
that the upper-most floors of the tower were completely cleaned out of
everything-garbage (and essential items such as wiring and plumbing) from
approximately the 5th floor of the tower down there was an accumulation of
paperwork and other garbage that was 3 feet deep in some places.  

That was part of the sadness of the building was when Amtrack left THEY
LEFT.  Just locked the doors and walked out.  This was part of the problem
with the building over the years as vandals and indigents would use the
paperwork to start fires either for kicks or for fuel for keeping warm.
There was absolutely NOTHING of value left in the building and myself and
4 others basically covered the whole place.  The only thing we found that
was of interest were 2 large NYC rolling safes that were on the first
floor and a rotting Tele-Type machine in the communications area.  

The previous owners of the building had used the sell-off of artifacts and
fixtures in the building to only line their own pockets.  I know of a
departure board that is used as the special of the day menu board in a
local eatery.  

I apologize for being so vehement on this subject but it is one that is
near and dear to me.  If you go to http://terminal.buffalonet.org you will
see the pictures as we found the interior in the fall of last year.  It is
not a pretty sight to say the least.      

>    Sounds like there is a sizable contingent behind bringing it back. We
> drove by it on the freeway on our way home from vacation last March, and
> despite all the abuse & neglect it is still an impressive edifice. 
> Bob Rothrock

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