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Re: PC: Buffalo Central Terminal

So far as I know, the efforts to restore Buffalo's Central Terminal is
underway. I took my first Amtrak trips; Buffalo-Rochester round trips out of
there and caught the TH&B Budd Car to Fort Erie two to three times a w eek out
of there. While the terminal at that time, the mid 1970s was but a shadow of
itself, the station retained some semblance of its diginity right up to the
time Amtrak stopped calling there once the Depew station was opened. I see
potential as an operating hub for commuter rail and retail shops as well. I
think this beautiful old train station is going to live again, even though all
the other great stations in Buffalo are gone. I have fond memories of it,
though. Even the occasional ribbing I got from the ticket agent each time I
bought a ticket there.His good natured kidding was the highlight of each trip
I took out of Central terminal, no matter how long or short. 

James Mancuso
jejunabra -AT- AOL.com

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