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Re: PC: Buffalo Central Terminal

At 09:29 AM 9/30/98 -0500, penn-central -AT- smellycat.com wrote:
>I haven't seen it mentioned on the list before, so I thought I would submit
>the URL for a site I found on Buffalo Central Terminal:
>   http://terminal.buffalonet.org/
>Does anyone know if this restoration effort is still progressing?
>St. Louis


   A recent issue of the NYCSHS Headlight had a small article that indicated
restoration efforts to date had consisted of effectively sealing off the
structure against further deterioration due to weather and vandalism.

   Efforts are under way to secure some of the original lighting fixtures
that had been sold off by previous owners.

   Sounds like there is a sizable contingent behind bringing it back. We
drove by it on the freeway on our way home from vacation last March, and
despite all the abuse & neglect it is still an impressive edifice. 

Bob Rothrock

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