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Re: PC: Buffalo Central Terminal

The effort is going along well and they even "lit up" (with ground
based flood lights) the terminal during a neighborhood groups summer
festival as well.  They have secured the building with plywood and are
doing some roofing work as well in order to stabilize the building from
the elements.  

Also there is talk of the area being fenced off in order to keep out
unwanteds.  If you go the the main site for Railfan.net at
http://www.railfan.net there are pictures of the Terminal from the summer
lighting up thing.

They want to have the building ready for 2000 (this is a stretch) to
celebrate the Centennial of the Pan-American Exposition which was held in
Buffalo in 1900, the same Expo that saw the assasination of President
William McKinley (Buffalo's other infamous claim to fame after all the
jokes about our weather here).

The Central Terminal Restoration Corporation (city and neighborhood group
coalition) currently owns the structure and they are being agressive in
the fight to return the building to it's original glory.  I really hope
they get this going! 

On Wed, 30 Sep 1998, Jeffrey Dobek wrote:

> I haven't seen it mentioned on the list before, so I thought I would submit
> the URL for a site I found on Buffalo Central Terminal:
>    http://terminal.buffalonet.org/
> Does anyone know if this restoration effort is still progressing?
> JD
> St. Louis

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