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Re: PC: PC in the news

Hello James,
   I had the pleasure of a cab trip in 1974 aboard a Hudson Line Amtrak
train from Croton-Harmon to Albany and return with engineer Mr. Bova, ( my
aunt's neighbor).  It was the trip of my life!   I remember the speed as
being 79 mph however being a little late out of GCT, he did a little faster
to make up time.    The ex- NYC crews still had some pride and knew what to
safely get away with to bring a train in on time!   We had one slow order 
but still made up the time.  The E-units were Amtrak # 216 (ex RF&P)
north(west)bound and # 269, still PC black, south (east) bound.
   The Hudson line is my favorite (which I model) and PC put on a great
show even in the worst of times. 
    Sadly, a few years later I photographed some of these same E units in
the dead line at Croton-North after the Turbos took over the route.   I'll
always remember the Hudson line for the E-8's racing out of Harmon.  It's
just not the same today, however I'm happy to see the success of this route
and am sure the best is yet to come!
> Penn Central making news even today sounds a little like beating a dead
> though the railroad did have its good areas even when its finances went
in the
> toilet. After even that, the Empire Corridor in New York State, on which
> Amtrak's Empire Service operates was kept in relatively good shape, much
of it
> good for 79+ mph in places, but still a 79 mph railroad nonetheless.
Having E8s from the
> Louisville & Nashville, Union Pacific, and other roads, added to the
> predominantly ex New York Central E8s sure helped out service quite abit.

> James Mancuso
> jejunabra -AT- AOL.com

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