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Re: PC: PC in the news

Penn Central making news even today sounds a little like beating a dead horse,
though the railroad did have its good areas even when its finances went in the
toilet. After even that, the Empire Corridor in New York State, on which
Amtrak's Empire Service operates was kept in relatively good shape, much of it
good for 79+ mph in places, but still a 79 mph railroad nonetheless. At least
that is the impression I have from riding it numerous times during the latter
days of the Penn Central era, though there was one engineer who liked to try
to make up time by running fast between Rochester and Syracuse with train 73
and with an E8 still capable of racing, why not? Having E8s from the
Louisville & Nashville, Union Pacific, and other roads, added to the
predominantly ex New York Central E8s sure helped out service quite abit. 
James Mancuso
jejunabra -AT- AOL.com

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