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Re: PC: Metroliner

I believe the move was made in the early to mid 1980s after over 12 years of
service on Penn Central and Amtrak. Cab cars were converted for operation in
diesel push pull service on the San Diegans and other Amtrak trains converted
to push  pull operation. A  number of Amfleet I cars, which are based on the
original Metroliner design, and are infact, essentially locomotive hauled
metroliner cars were refurbished for use on locomotive hauled Metroliners.
Evidently, since at the time, the NEC line south of New York still had an
occasional grade crossing, Amtrak recognized the potential consequences of a
grade crossing collision, particularly with a  large truck with the cab car
leading and the exposure of the engineer to this hazard as one of several
reasons for the switch, with the eventual upgrading of the service with new
equipment being the main one. The Metroliner Amfleet cars are essentially a
tide-me-over til new equipment becomes available. I hope that helps clear that
up but at least this is my guess as to Amtrak's reasoning. The MU cars were
becoming a mechanical headache and Amtrak felt the Metroliner customers would
get better service with a locomotive hauling the train. 

Jim Mancuso
jejunabra -AT- AOL.com

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