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Re: PC: PC E7

Chris Osterhus wrote:
> Hello all,
> Did the PC have any E7s?  I know that the PRR and NYC each had some, I
> just can't remember if PC got any.  I've just acquired the 'remains' of
> an old Tyco E7.  I'd like to use it for the shop diorama on my (under
> construction) Waynesburg & Washington RR.  If PC did have them did they
> have the full PC paint dress, or just a quickie job?
> Any help is appreciated.
> --Chris Osterhus
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> Central Penn Station
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RE: PC E7  Yes they acquired a large fleet of E units at merger\
  time both railroads had fleets of E units  I believe both lines\
  had E7s   I saw them in the early 70s at various locations in
  PRR red   NYC  gray and PC black  Prior to Amtrak in May 1971
  most of the E7 and E8 units were in long distance passenger service
  on both PRR and NYC lines.   After Amtrak picked all the units it
  wanted  a large portion of the remaining E units owned by PC that
  Amtrak did not want were moved to the NY Long Branch based at
  South Amboy.  The rest of the E units were based in Harrisburg
  or New Haven and leased by Amtrak
  The remaining E7s were sent to South Amboy The NY Long Branch
  was always the last stop for locomotives to run out their last
  miles before the scrapyard.  
  In 1972 I did see a couple of E7s on a mail train on the NYC
  Henry Frick  FTW TX

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