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Re: PC: PC E7

Yes, penn central did get e-7s ! They also got a very few "b" units also .
Also as Robert Holzweiss stated some where fully repainted. Some I have
seen in color pictures are the following numbers.
                              4029 nyc,4201 prr( last one left) ,4222 prr,
4233prr ,4244prr         The lone survivor 4201 was sent to the
Pennsylvania railroad museum in full penncentral paint. There's a color
picture of it in the PC home page under EMD engine pictures . This engine
is one of the first  two  e7's in a-a form that was delivered to the
Pennsylvania railroad for testing .They tested against the steam engines
they had, and proved themselves. After that the railroad place more orders
for e7's. The numbers where 5900(pc 4200) and 5901(pc4201).After 4201 was
retired some shop personnel hid the engine from management and kept it off
the scrap line until the museum could raise the funds to save her . That
why its preserved

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