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Re: PC: PC E7

Some of the E7s and E8s saw service in piggyback service on the Pennsylvania
Railroad as its E units became available as a result of trainoffs and New York
Central also used them in mail carrying flexivan trains as well. This was the
only type of freight service either railroad used their E units not needed for
passenger service in as they could handle piggyback trains without having to
be regeared as was the case with most of Erie Lackawanna's E8s. Both Pennsy
and Central had similar sized fleets of these diesels. Unlike EL, commuter
service, was usually the final service for these locomotives before
retirement. In case any of you wondered where their engines went, quite a
number of Penn Central Alco RS3s were the proud recipients of their V12-567
engines in the DeWitt Geep program.
Jim Mancuso
jejunabra -AT- AOL.com

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