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Re: PC: PC Photos

Jerry Jordak wrote:
> rastaff -AT- iguana.ruralnet.net wrote:
> >
> > Found a large collection of PC photos on the Morscher home page at
> > www.morscher.com
> Ah yes, my friend Arnold Morsher's site. He definitely has some great
> photos, including some nice ones of the D&H sharks, but that's
> another railroad and another mailing list.... :-)
> Arnie has given me permission to repost his photos on the PC web site,
> so some of them are there now, with others to follow at the next
> update. (Whenever I get time for it.....)

Well, those who just can't wait for my good friend Jerry to post those
photos can see many of them at my Conrail Cyclopedia. :-) Arnie is
a great guy and has allowed me to post his photos. He has a lot more
than PC at his site. He also has EL, LV, some RDG, early CR in blue
and paint-outs, and lots more railroads. I suggest taking a look at
his site. http://www.morscher.com/  You'll spend a few evenings
there downloading jpgs, that is sure.

Now, Jerry, when will we see an update to your site? What are
the 3 key words of having a website? Update, update, update. <G>
Or maybe free beer, chips, pretzels? Not sure anymore....

Bob Waller

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