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PC: PC E7 -Reply

"Chris Osterhus" <su_carbs -AT- hotmail.com> wrote:

Hello all,

Did the PC have any E7s?  I know that the PRR and NYC each had some,
I just can't remember if PC got any.  I've just acquired the 'remains' of 
an old Tyco E7.  I'd like to use it for the shop diorama on my (under 
construction) Waynesburg & Washington RR.  If PC did have them did
they have the full PC paint dress, or just a quickie job?
Any help is appreciated.

As other have already stated, yes they did.

4000-4035 (ex NYC same numbers) except 4003 and 4020 which were
wrecked in 1953 and rebuilt as E8's retaining the same numbers.

4200-4206, 4208-4221, 4223-4245 (ex PRR).  4207, 4222 retired by PRR
prior to Penn Central.

Many E7's received some form of PC identification, usually only logos. 
However some were fully repainted.  At least five all ex-PRR (maybe
more) survived until Conrail.  4211 and 4238 were sold for scrap by CR
for $10,000 late in 1976.  4224, 4233, and 4244 (all in full PC paint with
logos) went to NJT for long branch commuter service.  I don't know how
long NJT used them if they used them at all.  Good picture of two of them
out of service in Yanosey's Penn Central Power.

Today only one (4201) is preserved at RR Museum of PA.  It is the
only E7 in existence and was just restored by CR to original five stripe

Robert Holzweiss 
Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov  

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