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Re: PC: PC E7

At 10:07 AM 9/25/98 PDT, you wrote:
>Hello all,
>Did the PC have any E7s?  I know that the PRR and NYC each had some, I 
>just can't remember if PC got any.  I've just acquired the 'remains' of 
>an old Tyco E7.  I'd like to use it for the shop diorama on my (under 
>construction) Waynesburg & Washington RR.  If PC did have them did they 
>have the full PC paint dress, or just a quickie job?
>Any help is appreciated.
>--Chris Osterhus

Yes. Numbers 4001-4233. Good picture in PC Power on page 68 of 
ex-NYC #4029 in full PC paint. On page 69 there is photo of #
 4233 ex-PRR in full paint.


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