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Re: PC: PC Photos

rastaff -AT- iguana.ruralnet.net wrote:
> Found a large collection of PC photos on the Morscher home page at
> www.morscher.com

Ah yes, my friend Arnold Morsher's site. He definitely has some great
photos, including some nice ones of the D&H sharks, but that's
another railroad and another mailing list.... :-)

Arnie has given me permission to repost his photos on the PC web site,
so some of them are there now, with others to follow at the next
update. (Whenever I get time for it.....)

ObPC: Tonight, while watching Conrail local YDMO-12 pull into Motor
Yard on the Cleveland Line at the end of it's run today, I spotted
not one, but *two* green ex-PC coil steel cars (class F50 or similar).
Both had CR reporting marks and numbers, but still wore their PC worms!
I also noticed a large number of NYC-stenciled cars on the train. Who
ever said that history never repeats? (It looks like business in "my
backyard" is going well, though.....MO-12 had 30 cars tonight.....)


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