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PC: PC Gon.

Hey all,
	This is a little late, as I saw it Sunday, but what can I say. While
sitting at the Eola grade crossing, in Aurora, IL, waiting for for an
eastbound train I conveniently happened to catch, what should happen
along, but PC 592075, a G45 class Gondola, still in PC green. It was in
surprisingly good shape for the way some gondola's end up looking. Not
too many dents, a little bit of rust, but the paint and lettering still
nicely intact. Oh yes, about the color, for my job I work on generators
from 1KW on up. A week ago or so, we had a Gillette 5KW set come in that
was a perfect match for PC Green. Some of the Onan's after they fade a
lot can come close, too. Have fun!

Chris May
csa4ever -AT- ameritech.net

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