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Re: PC: Penn Central Respect

> How interesting.  But, of course I know of a hobby shop in Washington,
> PA that sells coffee mugs with the PC logo on them.  I also noticed the
> fact that the PC mug was proudly displayed in the middle of a glass
> case, along with some other interesting stuff.  At least they had them
> the last time I was in there! They also have BN, PRR (of course), B&O,
> etc.

I've been taking a small survey at my Conrail Cyclopedia since April 19th.
One of the questions I ask when folks sign the guest book is "what are
your favorite Conrail predecessors." No srings attached. Here are the
results. They kind of surprised me and pleased me. I've had 195 entries
so far. Here is how they voted:

      PC: 117
     RDG: 64
      LV: 69
      EL: 90
     CNJ: 43
    L&HR: 33
 NOT INT: 28

Plus I've gotten a lot of comments and emails saying how people
really love the PC now and want more. I bet if we could do a 
real survey, more people would like the PC than anything else!
I'm just glad I shot it during the early days of CR when
everyone else in the Reading, PA area was complaining about
'black engines' and how they don't shoot them! Pah! :-)

BTW I'll be adding more and more PC as I can get them from
folks. My stuff is on slides and waiting to be reprinted so
I can scan them.

Bob Waller
Conrail Cyclopedia (625+ Photos!): http://crcyc.railfan.net/

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