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Re: PC: Penn Central Respect

>I received the latest issue of Railway Age yesterday. NS has a two page
>ad about the Conrail split. The majority of the ad consists of a large
>picture of engineer caps, with patches of different railroads that will
>form the "new" NS and the year they started. The expected roads, such 
>Southern, Virginian and TAG are all there. I was happily suprised to 
>one hat with a green patch, friendly worms and the date 1968. (I'm sure
>this will help the morale a little for all of the PC hires that will
>become NS employees, too.)
>Bryan Turner

How interesting.  But, of course I know of a hobby shop in Washington, 
PA that sells coffee mugs with the PC logo on them.  I also noticed the 
fact that the PC mug was proudly displayed in the middle of a glass 
case, along with some other interesting stuff.  At least they had them 
the last time I was in there! They also have BN, PRR (of course), B&O, 

--Chris Osterhus

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