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Re: PC: early CR

NES3524 -AT- aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 9/20/98 11:27:57 AM EST, waltrail -AT- erols.com writes:
> > Didn't   someone make a decal set for the early CR scheme of CR in PC
> >  style lettering? If so who?

Micoscale has an HO and N scale set of loco decals (87 or 60-157). These
include a couple of slanted CR's and some of the early Conrail logo on
some of the locos. You might also want to try their 87 or 60-161 Boxcar
set. Sounds odd, but it also has some early logos and CR's that could be
found on locos. Remember, crews didn't really care what stencils they
grabbed back then--they were just ticked off they were painting over
their locos.

Hope this helps.
Bob Waller
Conrail Cyclopedia (675+ Photos!): http://crcyc.railfan.net/

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