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PC: CASO Items


Some items of interest in the game played by the railroad barons. Enjoy!
Source: RTC KBM

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day, September 11, 1998
>CN merger plans spark tunnel fight
>Transportation Reporter The Financial Post
>Canadian National Railway Co.'s acquisition of Illinois Central Corp. is
sparking a fight
>over the Windsor-Detroit rail tunnel, a key rail link between Eastern
Canada and the U.S.
>Canadian Pacific Railway Co. wants the Surface Transportation Board, a U.S.
>body that must sanction the merger, to force CN to sell its 50% share of
the tunnel to CPR
>as a condition of the takeover.
>The 2.5-kilometre tunnel under the Detroit River is jointly owned by CN and
>Let us hope the STB concurs with the CPR request!
>Rainer Auer
>auerr -AT- compusmart.ab.ca

There is more to this filing than appears. CP is actively considering 
using the
existing CASO Sub (jointly owned 50% by CN and 50% by CP) as an eastbound 
as soon as possible. The Iron Highway is due to start soon and the current
CP line
single track line is at capacity.

The proposed route will be Windsor to St. Thomas then to the CP St. Thomas
sub to Belmont to Ingersoll then to Woodstock. From Woodstock to Galt to
Guelph Junction is still single track and traffic flows are going to very

Bryce Lee
Burlington, Ontario

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