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Re: PC: Where to Railfan?

> I am planning to make a pilgrimage to Altoona and Horseshoe Curve from
> the New York Area.  Any suggestions for former Penn Central railfan sites
> along the way that should not be missed?

Funny you should ask!  I just returned from such a trip.

Starting in Harrisburg going west... (generally, some areas may be out of
geographic order.)

Rockville Bridge
Enola yards
Bridge on Port Road just south of Enola (CP Day)
Good photo ops along line through Duncannon/Cove/Perdix
Mifflin (Places to park on south side of mainline, above tracks)
Port Royal (Highway overpass w/sidewalk)
Kistler (great shots of a PRR stone arch bridge from highway bridge)
Mt. Union 
PRR station in Lewistown. (Currently being restored)
Huntingdon (downtown area)
Tyrone (Large open area w/parking. Great spot until they put up the fence)   
Altoona (Many locations, Juniata shops, Alto tower, Bridges at 8th & 17th
         and Rose etc...)
Gallitzen (Tunnels)
Cresson (Highway 56 overpass, Front Street)

Piles and piles of traffic to see. Also, there are numerous talkers along
the route. If you have a scanner, I think they are on 160.800, the Conrail
road channel in use in this area.

The ones I remember along the middle division are:
(again westbound from Rockville bridge)

Marysville (West shore of Rockville bridge)
(Large gap in my memory here...)
Mineral Point
New Florence

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