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PC: Fw: Re: Getting onboard

OK GUYS lets hear your stories like this one!


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From: Stephen Foster <wabash57 -AT- worldnet.att.net>
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Date: Wednesday, September 09, 1998 7:53 AM
Subject: RS: Re: Getting onboard

>Patrick, and list,
>RE Cab rides aborted:
>Some years ago 1968 I think, I lived in Brookshire Texas when we first
>to Texas.  I had a kodak 126 camera, and a super 8 movie camera, with slide
>film in the 126 (popular in those days).
>It was my habit before going to work to go the two blocks to the mkt tracks
>and watch the local switch the rice driers and cotton gin, feed store etc.
>Got lots of nice pix and some movies of the switching action on one
>occasion.  That day the engineer, an old gentleman with a wonderful smile
>called me to climb on board.  They had completed switching moves and were
>waiting on the passing siding at Brookshire (TX) to go westbound, but had
>wait a few minutes for an eastbound train to pass.....  WOW... well got
>movies of the train approaching from the cab.... then the film ran out....
>the train started to move ..... and he says "COME GO WITH US TO
>And me out of film, and my old 57 Buick Ragtop still running at trackside
>had to decline and hop off MOVING locomotive!
>Been crying over that lost opportunity for some 30 years now!
>There were other occasions like riding to Galveston on the "Salty" in the
>cab of an F7 at night,  In the cab of a new Santa Fe AC in Kansas, and
>numerous steam cab rides... but I have always regretted leaving that durn
>car running that day!  Would have skipped work and taken consequences
>whatever that might have been (Manager of a Walgreen drug store at that
>in Houston).  Now it is UP and the Usually Parked RR has torn up track
>between Katy Tx and Houston.  No more red MKT to get a cab ride on or to
>and life goes on.
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