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PC: I'm back!

Hi everyone!

Fisrt day back from the three week foray in the now ex-Conrail/ex-PC
northeast.  (I still haven't fully accepted that Conrail is now a fallen

While the main intent of my vacation was to photograph Conrail before it's
demise, I did manage to do some Penn Central specific railfanning. (i.e. 
Anything I saw in PC paint was photographed extensively. :^)

All in all, it was a great trip. Had time to catch up with a few old
friends like our benevolent list operator Jerry and The owner of the
Station Inn; Tom Davis. I also made a few new friends as well.

And pictures...  Over 25 rolls of film...  I'll probably spend more on film
and developing on this trip that I have on gas/food and lodging...

Glad to be back.

Gene Fusco        | (970) 223-5100 x9404   Gene.Fusco -AT- Symbios.com   KB0ZMZ
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LSI Logic Inc.    |   Because they're too big to take home.
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