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PC: Re: Questions -Reply

I will send slide scan of NYC RDC with stripes appears to be a RDC1.   Also
a 5x7 b&w scan of M498  RDC2 in 1954 without the stripes.

Will send to anyone who asks.
No obligation but if you have something to send it would be welcome.


-----Original Message-----
From: Robert Holzweiss <robert.holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Tuesday, September 08, 1998 6:15 AM
Subject: PC: Questions -Reply

>Kevin Lehman <KEVINLEHMAN -AT- webtv.net> wrote:
>     What were the numbers of the BUDD RDC cars that PENN CENTRAL
>inherited from the NEW YORK CENTRAL, and where did they operate?
>PC / NYC numbers are as follows:
>PC 50, NYC M-450 [RDC-1]
>PC 51, NYC M-451 [RDC-1]
>PC 52, NYC M-452 [RDC-1]
>PC 53, NYC M-453 [RDC-1]
>PC 54, NYC M-454 [RDC-1]
>PC 55, NYC M-455 [RDC-1]
>PC 56, NYC M-456 [RDC-1]
>PC 57, NYC M-457 [RDC-1]
>PC 58, NYC M-458 [RDC-1]
>PC 59, NYC M-459 [RDC-1]
>PC 60, NYC M-460 [RDC-1]
>PC 61, NYC M-461 [RDC-1]
>PC 62, NYC M-462 [RDC-1]
>PC 63, NYC M-463 [RDC-1]
>PC 64, NYC M-464 [RDC-1]
>PC 65, NYC M-465 [RDC-1]
>PC 80, NYC M-480 [RDC-2]
>PC 98, NYC M-497 [RDC-3]
>                PENN CENTRAL AT HARMON, NY BY 03/14/71 BODY
>                SCRAPPED
>     Others have answered the operating questions.  The "zebra" or
>"scare stripes" were maintained on cars that did not go to Amtrak.  The
>cars operating in the NYC area most notably #65 (one of the last two
>operating) was painted into a variation of the "scare" scheme, wider
>stripes with only white and orange.  One of the reasons it survived is
>because PC converted it into a 100 seat car.  I saw it for the last time
>operating in off- peak service on the Port Jervis line in the early 1990's.
>After it was retired, it and three others were stored at Port Jervis.
>sold (see Railpace for details).
>     As a side note.  I have ridden former B&O Budds (working for MARC)
>at 80MPH down the former B&O (now CSX) Metropolitan sub.  Smooth
>ride, rapid acceleration, simplicity of operation.  The SPV's (Seldomly
>Powered Vehicles) that replaced the RDC's on Metro North possessed
>none of these qualities.  This may explain why they were prematurely
>sent out to pasture at Croton North Yard.
>Bob Holzweiss
>"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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