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PC: Questions -Reply

Kevin Lehman <KEVINLEHMAN -AT- webtv.net> wrote:
     What were the numbers of the BUDD RDC cars that PENN CENTRAL
inherited from the NEW YORK CENTRAL, and where did they operate? 

PC / NYC numbers are as follows:

PC 50, NYC M-450 [RDC-1]	
PC 51, NYC M-451 [RDC-1]
PC 52, NYC M-452 [RDC-1]
PC 53, NYC M-453 [RDC-1]
PC 54, NYC M-454 [RDC-1]
PC 55, NYC M-455 [RDC-1]
PC 56, NYC M-456 [RDC-1]
PC 57, NYC M-457 [RDC-1]	 
PC 58, NYC M-458 [RDC-1]	
PC 59, NYC M-459 [RDC-1]
PC 60, NYC M-460 [RDC-1]
PC 61, NYC M-461 [RDC-1]
PC 62, NYC M-462 [RDC-1]	
PC 63, NYC M-463 [RDC-1]
PC 64, NYC M-464 [RDC-1]	
PC 65, NYC M-465 [RDC-1]	
PC 80, NYC M-480 [RDC-2]	
PC 98, NYC M-497 [RDC-3]	
                PENN CENTRAL AT HARMON, NY BY 03/14/71 BODY

     Others have answered the operating questions.  The "zebra" or
"scare stripes" were maintained on cars that did not go to Amtrak.  The
cars operating in the NYC area most notably #65 (one of the last two
operating) was painted into a variation of the "scare" scheme, wider
stripes with only white and orange.  One of the reasons it survived is
because PC converted it into a 100 seat car.  I saw it for the last time
operating in off- peak service on the Port Jervis line in the early 1990's. 
After it was retired, it and three others were stored at Port Jervis.  Later
sold (see Railpace for details).  
     As a side note.  I have ridden former B&O Budds (working for MARC)
at 80MPH down the former B&O (now CSX) Metropolitan sub.  Smooth
ride, rapid acceleration, simplicity of operation.  The SPV's (Seldomly
Powered Vehicles) that replaced the RDC's on Metro North possessed
none of these qualities.  This may explain why they were prematurely
sent out to pasture at Croton North Yard.

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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