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Re: PC: 1st place NMRA freight car at Kansas City Con -Reply

>>> "Chris Osterhus" <su_carbs -AT- hotmail.com> 09/04/98 02:28pm >>>

I also enjoyed reading next month's MR, especially the NMRA photos.  I 
noticed the piece about the scratchbuilt G39a PC ore jenny.  I'd like to 
build a few for my own railroad.  Anybody out there have measurements
(and, some good photos) ?

--Chris Osterhus


A kit for the G39/G39A was produced by A.W. Enterprises at one
time.  Last year they had a closeout, which is when I picked one
up.  They come two to a box.  Can't vouch for the finished
product, as I haven't put them together yet.  I assume they are
sold out, but it might be worth the cost of an SSAE to find out if
they have any more.  They occasionally advertise in the model
magazines, so their address shouldn't be hard to find.

This may not answer your question, but it is an alternative
to scratchbuilding.


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