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PC: PC 23662

The Danbury Railway Museum in Danbury, CT is in the process of restoring
a PC N8-A Cabbose to it's "as rebuilt" 7-70 condition.  We have painted
the exterior to it's PC colors and has been in Railpace and in Railfan
in pix from the night shoot at our Spring Show.  The interior is another
matter, it has gone through "conrailization and because of broken
windows needs some major floor work.  Our problem is that we have no
interior pictures of an N8-A and no floor plan or Blue prints.  If
anyone could help with these it would be MUCH appreciated.  

Other info that might help would be info or pictures of this hack in her
original configuration as NH NE-6  No. 687.

Visit the DRM:  http://www.danbury.org/org/drm/
Thank you for any assistance,
Ed O'Lena
edolena -AT- wtco.net 

"Hey Bill, Is that a Genesis unit or the box it came in?"

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